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Chicken Paprikas

2T vegetable oil
Dark meat chicken parts (6 pieces drumsticks or thighs)
Water as needed
2T all purpose flour
2T vegetable oil
One medium to large onion diced
Chicken broth ¼ cup
1 yellow pepper diced
4oz.  Button or Cremini mushrooms cleaned and quartered
4 oz. grape tomatoes halved (or 3 Roma tomatoes sliced)
Chicken broth ½ to 1 cup
½ to 1 cup sour cream

Heat a 12” skillet until water sprinkled on the surface sizzles. Add approximately 2T oil.  Pat chicken pieces dry and season before placing them skin-side down in the pan.  Heat over medium heat until they move easily (are not sticking to the pan) and can be turned over. They should be brown. If they stick to the pan either the pan was not hot enough before adding the oil or they are not done.  Once the chicken pieces are browned, remove from the pan and put into a rimmed dish.  Add water to the pan and heat while scraping dripping from the pan. Add flour and continue to stir and thicken the liquid.  Pour over the chicken pieces.

Add 2T oil to the pan and put the diced onions in the pan. Sprinkle the onions with a pinch of salt. Cook stirring until the onions until transparent and soft.  If they start to brown or get too hot, add about ¼ cup broth to the pan to cool it down and continue cooking the onions. When they have cooked sufficiently, add the yellow pepper pieces. Sprinkle with a pinch of walt. Stir and cook for about 3-5 minutes before adding the mushrooms and tomatoes.  Add broth and cover the pan.  When the vegetables have softened, after 10-15 minutes, return the chicken pieces to the pan and cover.  Cook for about 30 minutes more until vegetables are soft and tomatoes have wilted.  Meanwhile, begin to prepare the nokedli batter and boil water.

When vegetables and chicken are done cooking, remove chicken pieces and cook down the liquid until it is thickened to a gravy consistency.  Stir in a small amount of sour cream to the sauce and vegetables.   Add more sour cream if desired. to taste. Pour sauce and vegetables over nokedli and chicken and serve immediately.


6 cups water and 2T Kosher salt
1 cup all purpose flour
2 large eggs
Water as needed

Put water and salt into a 4-quart pot and bring to a boil.  As the water is heating, put one cup of flour into a small bowl and stir eggs into a smooth consistency with the flour.  Add water as necessary to get the finished batter to the consistency of mayonnaise.  When water is boiling, put batter onto a flat cheese grater on the smooth side over the boiling water and scrape with a flat square tool or spatula to push batter through the grater holes into the water.  That will create small pieces of randomly shaped pasta.  Cook 3-5 minutes and, using a ladle, put the pasta into a strainer and put aside.  For larger pieces of nokedli pasta, spoon the batter with a large soup spoon and scoop 1/3 of the batter from the large spoon into the boiling water. Continue to add small scoops of the batter from the spoon with the other spoon until the batter is used up.  Cook again for 3-5 minutes and put with the other pasta until ready to cover with sauce and serve with the chicken pieces.

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