This site will explore the perspective of lifestyle themes that branch out from an overarching backdrop that has Hungary at the center


Getting Hungary is home to a compilation of streams of various cultural interests—from food and drink, cooking, and exploring to cultural heritage and adventures that include discovery, learning, enjoyment, and a hint of what is possible. 

This site will explore the perspective of lifestyle themes that branch out from an overarching backdrop that has Hungary at the center. That stream is called “Getting Hungary” and will offer tidbits, tales and a taste of Hungary in writing, images, sounds, memories and events.

But the exploration and discovery will not end there.  Under the tab of Side Trips will be stories, pictures, and details about the writer’s travels locally and abroad.  Stories from around America, Europe, and wherever else those travel might lead.  Guest adventurers may, in time, add their own encounters, too.

With a focus on Food and Drink, there is always room for a good meal and a tasty drink—at home, with friends or family, alone, and in restaurants or shops, as well as what is heard about in passing.  A favorite focus is good wine, with an introduction to Hungarian wines—along with the traditional and newer drinks of Hungary—and finds in other places wherever they pop up.

Cooking will take that interest into a more personal space—being the one to create in the kitchen, to shop for the ingredients, to blend the flavors and textures and cultural traditions that make a meal the treat that it can be to the one enjoying it. Recipes, photos and videos will share the process and the pleasure of experimenting with readers and viewers.

Media is the vault where a myriad of discussions, demonstrations and discoveries can take place in audio podcasts, video interactions, interviews, and presentations.  Maybe even readings and seminars—whatever works to expand the ideas presented here.  From tours and travels, to books and authors, to experts of interesting topics—like food and cooking, history, language, traditions, philosophies, locations, and people–and playful or provocative presentations of ideas for sharing or discussion.

A calendar of Events will list things to be aware of, particularly related to Hungarian history, happenings—such as festivals, shows,  holidays, and announcements—and other, more widespread items of interest.

As the site develops, there may be opportunities for followers and readers to sign up to receive newsletters, publications, products, classes, or other experiences in the future.

Your input, feedback, and comments are always welcome. I hope you enjoy the unique mix of Magyar, mystical and more presented here.  If you are interested in advertising, contributing or making a suggestion, please contact us on the Contact Page or by clicking here.

Thanks so much for your interest and input.